A connoisseur of music with 15+ years of experience, 'The Ambassador' DJ Guaranteed-Fresh (G-FRESH) serves people through creative styles and sounds that move, captivate and enrich the body and spirit.

In college, G-FRESH operated as promotions director and on air talent with the #1 college show in the city. Described as a young man with an 'old soul', G-FRESH discovered a penchant of controlling crowds through uniquely blended musical experiences paired with energy capturing performances. G-FRESH served as the chair of entertainment at his university and helped build streaming services to engage listeners locally and abroad. Through this work, G-FRESH built a network of contacts and resources to bring a dynamic variety of events to campus, and was able to collaborate with community organizations and other business institutions around the Mid-West region. These 'technics' helped 'The Ambassador' establish a name for himself and as a result of this work, G-FRESH became a founding member of the KYMP Kamp DJ's, Kentucky's 1st DJ coalition. G-FRESH operated as a member within its executive board, working to strengthen the relationship between the DJ, artist, music, and fans. The KYMP Kamp DJ family grew and evovolved into The ELITEgiance, which G-FRESH remains a proud member.

Following years of successful club DJ residencies, promoter ventures and business partnerships within the Teen/College/Club/Corporate/Wedding circuits throughout the Mid-West and Mid-South, G-FRESH relocated to South Florida to amass a wider knowledgebase of musical styles and be infused into the same land as some of the world's greatest performers. During this time, G-FRESH became exclusively tailored to Private/Corporate clientele and was privileged to work alongside an amazing family of DJs and producers at Scratch DJ Academy in Miami, Florida, teaching basic skills on the art of becoming a DJ to people all over the world.


Elimental Vibes cover featuring music artists

Elemental Vibes

This mix series is created to take you a specific place of mental well-being, depending on the type of energy for that mix. This R&B instrumental mix, it's one of sensual comfort and pleasure. Let this blended song selection take you away from whatever your stressors are, and allow you to chillax (chill + relax).

Album cover featuring Christina Milian.

Christina Milian

The 'Unofficial' Christina Milian Multi-Mix
The mix was a dedication from the early 2000's to her fans on her unofficial fan forums of those days. Being an avid and skilled songwriter, it was a pleasure mixing her music that let listeners learn of the fans on those forums as well as appreciate the songwriting, passion and energy within her music, delivered with a different style throughout. Check out the Janet Jackson remix and listen to the lyrics!


Custom Mix

This type of mix is catered specifically to your needs, down to the finest details. Custom Mixes require a consultation to ensure your expectations are met. Please contact me so we may discuss in more detail. Consider a Custom Mix for; dance competitions/auditions, important occasions/presentations, or any of your unique creative ideas!


A great DJ can be key to the overall success of your event. DJ services include Hosting/MC for the duration of the performance. Consider a DJ for events including (but not limited) to clubs/bars/lounges, corporate events, weddings, special occasion (birthdays, grand openings, etc.) and more!


This service may be necessary for an event when you need a professional speaker to engage your audience. Host/MC may be its own service, and/or part of other services, such as being included with DJ/VDJ services.


Are you curious, eager, ambitious, creative, but unsure how or where to start? Do you need a refresher or different creative outlet? Get personalized guidance and instruction on becoming a DJ, producer, sound or light engineer, tailored to what you want to achieve. Consider getting Lessons.


Add ambience to an event or get a spotlight for a performance. Spread some strobe effects around, or include fog/haze for a themed appearance. Lighting is part of the Supply Rental, and can be a standalone service (like Host/MC), and may be included with Packages. A consultation is required to ensure the details are fine tuned to your needs.

Supply Rental

Hosting an event and need equipment? Need additional Sound or Lighting? Something break down and need a suitable replacement in a pinch for a specified time period? Not interested in paying full price for something you only need once or twice?